Ebisu Circuit

So yesterday I decided to trek out to Ebisu Circuit – and when I say trek, I mean it. It was -5 degrees and snowing when I left my hostel, and took three trains and a 5000yen taxi to make the front gate. I paid my entrance fee, only to discover that the place was dead.

Well, not entirely dead. Did anyone know there is a zoo at Ebisu? It has been there longer than the motorsport complex!

However, my efforts were all worthwhile after I saw this.

After walking around the icy roads, I started to discover more and more of what I had imagined the place to be like.

I was about to head home, when I was picked up by a man in a 4×4 and dropped at a workshop. I started talking to the people there about the car that they were working on, who turned out to be Naoto Suenaga (Team Orange D1 driver) and Sumika Kubokawa (Possibly the worlds best female drifter).

They introduced me to Andy Gray, a Scottish expat living and working at Ebisu, and before I knew it I had a helmet on and we were out drifting!

They certainly didn’t need much encouragement.

Hello Naoto! How close did they come?

Well, this is Naoto and Sumika fixing a bit of damage after they came in contact. Both cars were Sumika’s, to Naoto’s great delight.

Thanks for the amazing time guys! I’m coming back for the matsuris, no question about it.

Andy drove me back to the station, and we dropped by K-Style, home to Team Orange. This is Naoto’s D1 car. I also got to see their new time attack car.

I’m not saying any more, but keep your eyes open for this little toy.

I’ll leave you with this shot of one of Sumika’s toys, this time with studded tyres. I have an invitation, and will say no more. Off to Niesko now to go skiing.

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