Japan’s Third Most Beautiful Place: Matsushima

It was a last minute decision to head out to Matsushima, about a half our train ride from Sendai, but definitely worth the effort

I think the real attraction about this place is it’s seaside setting. It is located in Ishinomaki Bay, but has a view out over the Pacific – well, on a clear day at least

The landowners around here put alot more effort into their houses and shops – even little details like this fence

This bridge lead out to a little temple on a tiny island. What was of more interest to me, however, was the oyster shop just out of sight to the left. The shopkeeper insisted on steaming it against my request, but it was very tasty and warmed me up despite the icy ocean gusts of wind

Even the train station was pretty. I think the lack of visibility (due to snow) put a dampener on things, but it was a very enjoyable outing

If ever you are in Japan, don’t give Sendai a miss. I chose it for it’s proximity to Ebisu Circuit, but it’s wide, tree lined streets were beautiful, especially in the snow

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  1. Nanae

    OMG you went to matsushima? that’s one of the most beautiful places in Japan! it’s on the way to my granny’s so my fam often go there and spend a day! glad you decided to take a look!

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