Nissan Museum: Sapporo

In Sapporo, Hikkaido, I left the Snow Festival in hunt of some gloves to stop my paws from freezing, and stumbled upon this Nissan museum of sorts. It only had a few cars, but what great cars it had

This was a GT car, complete with scrapes, exhaust soot and tyre wear

But it wasn’t all modern cars, this 240Z car looked great

But my favorite was this Skyline.

It’s amazing what you find just walking around!

I’ve been to Hiroshima, am now in Kyoto now and am going to B-projects tomorrow, so I have plenty of interesting things coming up for you.

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One response to “Nissan Museum: Sapporo

  1. That place looks so cool!

    Is there any reason for it being there or is it some kind of privately owned collection?

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