Hiroshima is a hallowing place. I’m not sure why, but it felt different to the other cities I have been to in Japan. That’s not because it’s lacking life – quite the opposite – but the history of the place can’t be forgotten

The A-Dome is 600m directly underneath where the Atomic bomb exploded at 8.15am, August 6, 1945. It, amazingly, was virtually the only structure left standing in a 3 kilometre radius of the eipcentre

The flame that can be seen burning in line with the dome will only be extinguished when all atomic and hydrogen weapons have been destroyed around the world

A children’s memorial stands in the peace park to recognise the thousands of children that were killed by the blast or it’s long-term effects. There are hundreds of chains of 1000 paper cranes, all in outstanding colors, draped around the memorial, sent from children around the world


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4 responses to “Hiroshima

  1. Lorraine Hancock-Lowe

    Thanks Ian…I am really enjoying keeping up with your travels!
    I am especially interested in this post because of the huge impact of ‘Hiroshima’ on world peace!
    What a horrific thing for this city to endure…was it worth it?
    So many questions in my mind…more now as I am older and have more understsanding of life.
    We were led to believe as youngsters that ‘Hiroshima’ was a good thing because it halted the war.
    What do you think?

    • Thanks! Hmmm it is an interesting one, but no, I don’t think it was worth it. This is because of both the precedence that using an atomic weapon set, the lives that were lost and how close the allied forces were to winning the war without the bomb. However this isn’t to deny that the Japanese were doing terrible things either, and they admit that in the museum. You should visit there some day!

  2. Minto

    Dude you been following me? :p Check out mintofruit.com for what im on about haha – It seems we’ve been hitting up the same stuff, in a different order..

    Nice to meet you by the way! A friend from back home told me he’s been following your blog and ours were pretty similar when I was over in Japan since the start of Jan.

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