Hi, I’m Ian. I like riding bikes, taking pictures, reading Hansard and
having greasy hands. Thanks for stopping by.

You can contact me on ianwhancock@gmail.com

11 responses to “About

  1. Kathy

    Hey, this is more like it! Give us more pics of you rather than all those automobiles…

  2. Freddy

    You have a great blog sir!
    Add your blog to my ‘roll; you have great stuff here!

  3. Johnson Darcy

    hey ian.

    great blog. i found it from beeoneoneoh’s blog. you two mates then? it’s interesting to see photo’s of the same car from both of you like that gx-5 coupe in japan.

    Love your coupe. do you have a build tread on datsun1200.com or something?

    i picked one up a few weeks back and the first thing i did was lowered it 2 inches! plans are to run the original a12 with matching numbers with a single 40mm weber on a lynx crossover manifold and extrators, on some 13x7J jellies with stretched 145/70/r13’s. maybe lower some more, add a front lip and im set!

    where’s a good place to source small jap wheels? any cheap ones around?

    • Hey mate, thanks. Yeah I speak to Chris a bit. He’s a good bloke.
      If you’re after small Japanese wheels, try the AE86 Driving Club. If you don’t have any luck there, Yahoo Auctions Japan is your best bet. Speak to Ewan Patterson (ewan@hayatonka.com) to arrange for them to be brought out. Cheers

  4. bob

    Lets have a Salt Lake racer Photo

  5. Alex Barber

    I really love your photographic sensibilities, there is something very gentle and respectful about your style.

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