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JCCA: Uncategorised Cool

You could probably have spent weeks chatting, buying, storytelling, looking and oogeling at JCCA (that is, if it went for weeks), but here is a selection of uncategorised cool from the event that I haven’t yet posted or sent to Motormavens but think is interesting.

This was the view that greeted me as I poked my head out of the subway station. I couldn’t believe my eyes!

Then, walking to the front gate I saw this Lamborghini Countach. I didn’t see it inside event, so I’m assumed the owners just cruised there in it. I’m regretting not taking a walk around the parking lot.

I’m a fan of old Celicas, and this one was particularly nice, with a more traditional flavor to it

The extensiveness of the event was pretty impressive

These handmade headers for a Datsun A-series certainly caught my eye

As did this attention-grabbing Z

This Datsun Fairlady would be quite valuable in Australia, I’d imagine

I really wanted these tiny Work Equips. At 10x6j, they would have looked great on my tiny KB10, but unfortunately had the wrong PCD. A bargain at only 30000yen!

I had to post this one – its a Holden Premier from Aus, badged as a Mazda with a rotary! This would be blasphemy at home, and I don’t imagine the fuel economy would be all that great, but they are rare as hens teeth! I gave the guy my email and have offered to help him with parts

This old helmet was just one of the interesting things (that I wanted to buy) that the vendors were selling

Although not particularly popular in the US or Aus, there was a few of these Izuzu GT’s

How could I leave out this Z, perfectly styled?

This rally car (can someone identify it for me?) had presence as it rolled past

As did this Celica

That’s all for my JCCA coverage – I hope you’ve enjoyed it! I’ve got some coverage of my trip to Tsukuba I’ll sitting on, and I’m sure I’ll have more car-related before too long.


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Sunnys of JCCA

When I arrived in Japan, I emailed Alexi from noriyaro.com/ about some ideas of things to see. You can understand my excitement when he told me about the Japanese Classic Car Association meeting! Here is a quick post about the Sunnys (Datsun 1200s) I found.

Kazumasa Hirota’s TS Cup car was my absolute favorite. I have wanted to see it for a long time, and couldn’t believe my luck.

Beneath the bonnet is a pretty special a12, out to 1300cc and with lots of fruit. I’m visiting his shop later in my trip so I’ll fill you in on the details.

This four door Datsun 1000 is the only B10 I found at the meet. I’m fairly sure it packed an a12.

This KB110 had an a15 with quad Mukunis – bike carbs. I’m was hanging out to hear it start up!

This man couldn’t believe that I owned a sunny, done up similar to his.

However this is without doubt the best street Sunny I have ever seen, owned by Kenji Mihashi. It is for sale for 1.6million yen, I believe.

Hirota built the engine for Kenji, and it is a work of art.

An original GX-5 done right.

I couldn’t leave out this FWD, a-series Cherry!

This Sunny looked menacing, but had a fairly standard drive line.

I’ll leave you with this two door. Read the story about it on beeoneoneoh.wordpress.com/

Would you like to see the Skylines and Truenos of the event, too?


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